Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Food for thought

I was at this lecture last week, at the Institute of Engineers, Mysore, it was called "our food", a talk which dealt with the concept of the Indian diet and just a curious-boy's look at why we, Indians eat what we eat, and how such a diet could've come to become out staple.

The talk dealt in quite some detail at how some less-than-apparent stuff, nutrients, if you can call that, have a major effect on how the body function at a genetic level. And how vegetables, fruits and plants containing these chemicals came to being used regularly, intentionally or purely coincidentally, as staple food apart from the regular body building, energy giving and protective food. And also to note, that, our forefathers, the ones who came up with the concept of such a diet, did it just cause eating such food was "good for health", and not specifically because food X is "anti cancer" or Y is "anti depressant" or Z is "anti oxidant" and so on. so, such an intricately marvellous diet, designed ages ago, is being destroyed now. And that's quite apparent! I myself am responsible for it too. but then that's where i wanna make an important point.

The point being, the talk i had been to, had an audience of pure oldies! none less than 60! except the speaker, some guys from the arranging committee, My friend and myself. That got me thinking. My observation showed that almost all of the oldies present there, every single retired person out of the 50 odd people present there, were almost beaming with good health! nobody looked to be suffering from anything more than just creeky joints and grey hair! hmmm..... had the talk, inevitably reached out to the wrong audience? i mean, they're not the people who should have been listening to that talk, they're already too healthy, and besides, even if they're not, pardon the expression, but all of them have no more than 20 more years to live, in which all that they'll probably do is buy every magazine and book they can afford out of their retirement money and read the hell outta them, and when they're done, they go and pray to God, meditate, sleep, Bliss! So, little use, having listened the lectures.

The ones who should've been listening, are people who're the present, who're the future of the world! they're the ones who're already suffering from problems, un-heard-of, as my granny's say , during their times. Look at most of the people in their mid 20's and you'll notice something similar in all, hair loss, premature aging signs, skin problems, obesity, restlessness, mood swings, tendency to turn various addictions, hair discoloration, harmone problems, tooth decays, eyesight problems. Well, you can say the oldies had it too, and that the people who did probably didn't make it this far! but then, I've heard the entire "grand father generation" exclaim in shock when they heard the news that someone died of a heart attack "at a young age of 55". I've heard people dying at 26! more than just one person, mind you! "they just drop dead" it was said in the newspaper. But then, the entire generation who probably needed the points said out in that talk, to be put to use in their everyday lives to ensure good health, were absent. It was a sad state of affairs, and i too didn't realise it till i saw the entire audience! heh! the wise oldies just extended their lives by ten more years listening to the talk! And we..... hmmm...... half of you will probably go grab a snack outside this evening, and that half might include me too! but this has surely made me think twice from now on! Cheers & live long!


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