Thursday, August 6, 2009


I vaguely remember how computers came to be what they are today. In 1992, my uncle had a apple Macintosh, which came with around 30 floppy disks (in white boxes, mind you) and a room full of equipment, printer, etc etc... i don't remember exactly. He had to pay somebody to make it print a test page. Then computers weren't talked about much, then there was a point in time where they cost around 100000INR and you had to go into the computer room (compulsorily air conditioned) like how you go into a temple and the only game you could play on it (as far as i remember) was something like prince of persia.
Then came the pentium processors, mmx, 2, 3, 4... and people started developing better (?) operating systems for it. I still see a Pentium 433 in use today! that's the oldest i've ever seen, it was purchased at a time when rich kids used to flaunt a 256kb personal organizer.
Then Pentium 4 was a huge hit somewhere in the early 2000's and Aj's and subbu's was the state-of-the-art. two years later it was my turn and my Pentium 4 (bought at the same price as those two machines cost then) was said by the seller to be "future-proof" for two years to come. but then it was only one year after he said that and my friend patela bought a Pentium 4 which was better than mine. Then shazo had his share at the top, then pavan, then sidd, in the meanwhile subbu was flaunting a lappy, then shastry's turn with his heavyweight dell and wireless network at home, then patela bought a dell before he left to the us, then shazo bought the iMac! That was the purchase to end all purchases! then came nishanth's Toshiba down under and adi's dell, nothing! A HP and a Gateway in Mysore, naught! even subbu's upgraded dell latitude was no match for it perhaps. it was the ultimate, in every way! a freaking monster of a machine, with just two wires coming out of it at the back! Then, a year later, i get my chance again, with my macbook! an imac packed into a portable frame attached to a battery, with a smaller screen! it's the ultimate too! :P spec to spec it's better than his imac. but then, rate of utilization..... hmmmmm.... that's what is narrows down to. Well, my machines is just a week old (barely). I'd ask you to wait and see! :) till then!
P.S: this post isn't composed in any chronological order, not that precise one at that anyway. Just wanted to have a note for myself as to who bought what, roughly around what time. You may correct me if i'm wrong. but it's not that very important to me.


  1. he he tats true..i stil recal the comp classes at school tat dark black screen...i stil remem gettin my ears pinched by huge mam bec my friend wrongly pressed F1 and i screamed as though comp went on fire i can forget hiding my ears from mom's eye whole week :P

  2. Maybe we can start a Topgear for computers.. Something like Top-Hz. Shas is like Jeremy Clarkson with a Bugatti Veyron and you with a Pagani Zonda like Hammond :P What say!!

  3. HEHE, I still have in my shop a P2 300mhz... it still works, and pretty good at that..

    I remember the first time me and nishanth tried to fix up his hard drive on my comp. It was 18deg C outside and raining, but we were sweating, coz this thing wouldn't work and we thot we'd fried it or something..

    Another time, I bent the copper leads of a frnd's hard drive. Man, was that a heart attack or what!!! But, those computers thot us a lot of things..

    But, if you look at history(last 4-5 years), a top end desk top and a medium range laptop are always at 30-35K.. hehe