Thursday, August 6, 2009


I vaguely remember how computers came to be what they are today. In 1992, my uncle had a apple Macintosh, which came with around 30 floppy disks (in white boxes, mind you) and a room full of equipment, printer, etc etc... i don't remember exactly. He had to pay somebody to make it print a test page. Then computers weren't talked about much, then there was a point in time where they cost around 100000INR and you had to go into the computer room (compulsorily air conditioned) like how you go into a temple and the only game you could play on it (as far as i remember) was something like prince of persia.
Then came the pentium processors, mmx, 2, 3, 4... and people started developing better (?) operating systems for it. I still see a Pentium 433 in use today! that's the oldest i've ever seen, it was purchased at a time when rich kids used to flaunt a 256kb personal organizer.
Then Pentium 4 was a huge hit somewhere in the early 2000's and Aj's and subbu's was the state-of-the-art. two years later it was my turn and my Pentium 4 (bought at the same price as those two machines cost then) was said by the seller to be "future-proof" for two years to come. but then it was only one year after he said that and my friend patela bought a Pentium 4 which was better than mine. Then shazo had his share at the top, then pavan, then sidd, in the meanwhile subbu was flaunting a lappy, then shastry's turn with his heavyweight dell and wireless network at home, then patela bought a dell before he left to the us, then shazo bought the iMac! That was the purchase to end all purchases! then came nishanth's Toshiba down under and adi's dell, nothing! A HP and a Gateway in Mysore, naught! even subbu's upgraded dell latitude was no match for it perhaps. it was the ultimate, in every way! a freaking monster of a machine, with just two wires coming out of it at the back! Then, a year later, i get my chance again, with my macbook! an imac packed into a portable frame attached to a battery, with a smaller screen! it's the ultimate too! :P spec to spec it's better than his imac. but then, rate of utilization..... hmmmmm.... that's what is narrows down to. Well, my machines is just a week old (barely). I'd ask you to wait and see! :) till then!
P.S: this post isn't composed in any chronological order, not that precise one at that anyway. Just wanted to have a note for myself as to who bought what, roughly around what time. You may correct me if i'm wrong. but it's not that very important to me.