Monday, September 14, 2009

My first mails from Germany - part 1

sitting in a boeing 747 i noticed one thing, it's something that they advertise, and it's something else on the inside, at least as economy class goes. First things firsts,

1. the remote at your side switches on the light of the person in the front seat.

2. in flight entertainment reboots without warning.

3. touch screen isn't so touchy.

4. it's more crammed than a night train to tirupathi!

5. you can stretch your legs, AT ALL!

6. Lean on the side wall and you hear a creak and then a "Thud" sound. You wouldn't wanna try that more than twice.

7. pillows suck, like just as much as everything inside the plane.

8. A luggage conveyor belt can cause more delay than you would've ever imagined.

9. Volvos have better cushions and rugs than this.

10. having said all that, the flight to mumbai was cool. A little turbulence at the end but then, mumbai is next to the sea, can expect that much convection at night. The snack was cool, err.... hot. Take off and landing was perfect, almost.

11. But, this, on the other hand is yet to fire up the engine after 1 hour and 40 minutes of delay!

12. Finally they decide two hours is enough to bake us all and start off.

13. The acceleration is outright brute compared to the tiny A320 which got me to bombay.

31Aug 2009

I landed! safe and sound. But thats not the fun part, it was the the part when i opened the window while everyone was alseep and the view i got! of snaking rivers, city lights, mountains, The sea. We were well above the weather, 35000 feet the onboard telemetry showed, and were cruising at 900kmph with the temperature outside at around -45 degrees centigrade. I could see that the few droplets of water on the window, which were present at the time i took off form bombay had now turned into beautiful ice crystals and soon started to bounce the sunlight like diamonds. As we entered Frankfurt, i could see the first skyscrapers appearing in view. a river "Main" (spelt 'my-ne') running in the middle of it. The 747 now started it's regular dance before landing banking continuously from left to right while decreasing altitude. finally it touched down, temp outside was 9 degrees centigrade, the snow crystals had melted and i too limbered up my joints to get out.

Customs procedures were cleared off quite easily. and i was on my way to the train station. A 3 stop ride, lasting no more than 10 minutes cost me 3Eur 50Cent. well, but it was fast though. Once at the Frankfurt Main station, i searched for something to eat. Picked up the worst posible sandwich for 3 eur 70 cent! i should've learnt my lesson then, but well, i was too hungry, i'll tell you what the lesson is in a while. I ended up wasting half the sandwich as i could not bite into the cold bread with my false teeth! Now it was time to freshen up! and take care of stuff. I went in search of the restroom. That's when i had to par 70Cent just to enter the rest room. Lesson: Stop multiplying numbers with 70! it doesn't mean the same anymore. Well, it's either that or peeing in your pants, you decide. I already did! Got some chocolates for the guy who's coming to pick me up. couldn't think of giving him anything else. No, i'm not gonna hit on him.

Sitting in the ICE (Inter City Express) to stuttgart, the weather outside and the scenery looks like i'm on the Chamundi hill road again! oh well, that's a relief.

Ppl here seem to mind their own business all the time, and if they ever happen to cross your path, they'll surely flash a warm smile, like they mean it! Passing thru some sub-urban independany houses no. They all look the same, like how I used to draw houses with triangular roofs, but with a DTH antenna on top of them all. They hang clothes out here as well. Speaking of which, they really are quite different when it comes to dressing, for many its almost like they just need a piece of cloth, for society-related reasons, not that they're trying to cover anything! and not that other take notice of it as well, well, most of the other would be in a similar state as well.

Seen some indians trying to dress like them casually. They really "TRY" to be casual in showing off skin, thus making it look vulgar!

There's a lot of graffiti culture going on, with some really beautiful pieces drawn on some walls. Saw a paaan-spit mark at a staircase Frankfurt Main. Guess they're here too! Their taste of coffee and my German is the same! Whatever you may decide. Ended up paying 1 EUR for a sugarless brown liquid, which tasted kinda ok. Guess it's my fault that i don't understand German and ended up guessing what it contains, milk/sugar, nothing! crap!

I smell like airplane fungus! No, really! I'm that bad, and i guess i baldy need a shower, hope they guy puts up with me or rather the manly odour! :| Similars repell see..! It's gonna be a tough job to get the luggage out of the train considering the train stops for only 3 mins at each station! Well.... even With all that complaining, i've made it this far. Will let you all know about more updates later! Till then!

P.S.: Yes! PDA is the big rage!



P.S: My address is :

Studentenwohnheim Straußäcker III

Allmandring 3 F 122

70569 Stuttgart


Some explanation. This is exactly how you write the address. But for your info:

1. Studentenwohnheim Straußäcker III is the name of the bigger unit which houses all the hostels.

2. Allmandring is the name of the hostel, there're two pfaffenwaldring and allmandring.

3. 3 F 122 is the room number - 3 F is the block. 122 is the door number.

4. 70569 is the pin code.

5. guess the rest is clear. :)

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