Saturday, July 11, 2009


Came across two bad incidents this evening, around early evening, two girls in a santro, knocked down a bike ( definitely due to reckless driving, but surely unintentional). Those two girls, still being very young, panicked and sped away, but those bikers, a father and son, son being quite young himself (but surely getting his shouting genes from his father), chased down the car, stopped them and is showing his full rage, scolding in a really uncivilized manner, along with a gang of fully grown men, which probably reflected which part of the state he is from! some stuff i overheard:
1. Magalu vayassu aagide, swalpa maryaade bedva (he's the one scolding her like a animal, being clearly over 30 years older than those two, maryade bere keltane)
2. nange baayalli heli abhyasa illa, bayalli ondu hallu ildiro hange hod'dre gottagutte (what gottagutte? that he's a brute who's just had is BP unexpectedly shot up)
3. Hennu anta sumne bittidini (hmmm... those two are crying their hearts out saying sorry, accepting the blame and agreeing to bear any charges that may arise, they've faces the words of a whole gang of men, in yen sumne bidodu?)
I couldn't see them cry that much, frankly they were probably creating too big a scene, yes it was a big accident, but then, i felt it was an unnecessary to make them cry so much, just take their mobile number, car number, house address, and poof. Friend of mine dealt with such a thing recently, for no fault of his own, it went really smooth! no mess! heh! wonder if the guy felt better scolding them for an hour! without first aid!

Second, At chat street, another minor collision perhaps and people gathered, some braveheart was shouting at the top of her voice, gang gathers, someone says something (as usual, gangs are very interested in other people quarrels, i have a first hand experience too) and this woman (clearly not for karnataka) says, "get out" to somebody, and then to her friend, taking out her cellphone, "wait i know how to f**k his happiness!" in a menacing tone while dialing someone's number!

Heh! wonder what the world's coming to!



  1. I think its all about stress reaction in such situations that people react.

    Its these situations that can bring out the best and WORST in the people..

  2. @Adithya
    yeah, I guess, he just blew his fuse. I'm not a great fan of womens' driving, but still, i don't think that was the right way to behave.