Saturday, July 11, 2009

G8 thoughts.

Despite the title, I happen to be the ignorant one when it comes to world or indian politics, with quite a few reason which i choose not to elaborate on. But i do happen to know that the G8 summit is happening somewhere in Italy. Don't ask me about the agenda or the proceedings. But it was strange to see a few photos of the summit in the newspapers an some captions given to it. Makes you wonder whether the photo was published just to catch the viewers attention or is it really a photos representative of the summit. The first photo i saw, is this:

A photo of a fine lady dressed in a black business suit, squatting in front of Mr. Obama and the other people standing looking of with a grin. The caption at the top said "Men will be Boys" and the caption at the bottom says "attraction or distraction?" Well, all said and done, if this photo was published in cosmopolitan or penthouse or vogue or any one of those glamour magazines, i would've been fine with it, infact enjoyed the humor, but this was in a freaking newspaper, makes you wonder to what lenghts they can go just to get the viewers attention or was is it something again the people standing there? I am sure the photographers were gifted with enough talent to get a photo more appropriately suited to the main focus of the G8.

The second photo which really made me decide to write this post.
The photo of a red-head's bottom poured elegantly into a wine reddish dress... oops, yeah, with leaders of two countries of the world looking at it! (sorry got distraced there myself, yeah yeah, i know, men! blah, blah). Captions: at the top - "Hunger's on G8 plate" and the bottom............. of the page sir, yes, eyes back on the text please...... "Watch out!"
But then, were such photos necessary? you may ask "well, they had to publish something, hadn't they?". Hmmmm... not very fancy if you ask me, two days in a row, well, either somebody at the news paper office is taking their job a little lightly these days or the world leaders are at the wrong summit! ;) You decide!



  1. Immaturity of the Indian media at its best! ..or is there more!

  2. hey, found a link on youtube clearing up the second photo.. apparently obama was trying to help someone get down a stair.. and the beautiful back with amazing curly hair was there... but sarcozy... he's french, i can't defend him

  3. Ah! ze French! always ze boys eh? :P
    Manipulative media!

  4. @subba -
    Indian's are aping western media this way!! .. Actually this style of news reporting in India was first introduced by Times Of India journo's who directly ape their western counterparts.