Sunday, December 7, 2008


recommendation letters, as the name would suggest, are the letters which a person would give you in support of.... well, what ever it is that you're going to start doing, kind of a public announcement: "yes i know this guy, and these are the things he has done which has impressed me, and these are the other things he's capable of doing" and such sort. Sadly enough, ppl who are supposed to issue these letters will not be able to compose a proper passage. This adds to the complication that the end users of these so called recommendation letters are looking precisely for ppl with valid qualification and position who can vouch for your/my abilities and talents. So, comes the ironic point, you type out a letter all by yourself, take it to them, if you have struck the right chord and have to really gone beyond yourself in praising, you get it signed, sealed and stamped. else, minor changes and you get it signed, sealed and stamped nonetheless. So, to a great extent it'll be what you want your prospective reader to read about you and what you wish to hide from him, like the fact that you really didn't know calculus will your second year of engineering, or you thought that college sucked, teachers were partial and and you were always irregular and definitely not punctual when you chose to be regular due to attendance reasons! strange! i suppose that all these things should not matter, the teachers are nice enough to sign all the rubbish that i write about myself. And kudos to them!


  1. Just another good thing about teachers besides their inefficiency!

    n ive heard tat they make photocopies of good recomendation letters n yank them to other students necessitating em!!

  2. @rubs
    Hehe, teachers i know aren't that smart, thankfully for the students who'd be facing plagiarism charges otherwise!