Saturday, December 13, 2008

Midnight Marathon? Anyone? Anyone?

When i casually browsed this page ( i was happy to see the dates re announced. The marathon which was supposed to happen tonight, has been pushed forward to the 10th of January. The move was made because of safety reasons! It was a blessing for me indeed, giving me more time to prepare, nearly a month. Before i start preparing, i first have to get over the injury to my left knee so that i don't have to face the trauma like the Sunfeast Open 10K back in April!
Tomorrow I am supposed to cycle to Chamundi Hill, but now looking at this announcement, i am deciding whether i should run on cycle! Here's the deal which is actually troubling me, if i start running now with this irritating iliotibial band, I'm more prone to injury, if i cycle till i recover, i'll be too late to train for the whole distance that i wanna run. as of now 10K is almost certain, but adding 11 more Km to it is gonna be tricky!
Hmmm, Any suggestions? My legs can store energy till about 7-8 km, then on i'll have to be eating something which is gonna be absorbed real fast or i'll risk hitting the wall and in my case, there's no wall for me to hit! my body has no fat to burn! i'll just have to collapse on the road and be wheeled back to base! That's one thing i really, really wanna avoid! So, how do i go about it! If only i had started earlier! but no! my lazy butt would refuse to leave the bed at 6 in the morning! face it GK!!
Well, as i said before, any pointers on how to train? or would you say just run and take care of the consequences later? :-/ sounds scary, but many ppl actually do that! I'll have to think this one out!


  1. New post and no notice! serves you right!

  2. @sub
    :P thought it wasn't that important of a post saar! :D

  3. Maga chuck the idea of running 21k!! You dont have enough training..

  4. @Montoya
    Well, chucking is way too easy a solution. As it is said in the Dilbert comic strip that you reminded me of a few days earlier, "You're solving the wrong problem!" :) you must be encouraging me to train and try and make it, may be even nurse my knee all the way! So, think about doing that! :P