Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The few weeks my uncle has been here, i've had some interesting conversations with him, one that i remember is, Over dinner we were having some bitter-gourd stuff, pickles, "gojju" etc, and uncle goes, "we really have to appreciate the person who first thought that something this bitter could be eaten and is ,in-fact, good for health, cause in any other country nobody will touch anything this bitter with a ten foot ruler!" And he's right, bitter-gourd has cancer fighting elements, it's something amazing how ppl here have already known about these things, maybe not as "anti-cancer" stuff, but just as food which is "good for health". some roots, some specific fruits "nallikai" or "maakli beru" or "shunti". Elders!


  1. My dad too use to say that... think of the first person who thought bitter gourd could be eaten!!

  2. i simply love the bitter gourd in pickles!!!
    kudos to the karela!!!!