Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Successful Runs

Had been to two successful run in the past month, both organized as a part of college fest of two different colleges. The first one in NIE college of engineering, was my first real big run this year after the highly unsuccessful (and quite painful) Times of India Bengaluru Midnight Marathon, a race which i'm still trying to forget! This, however was in the morning, and was supposedly 14km long, But as it measured out in Google Maps, it was around 13Km. The route is marked out in red below

The run was good till i reached ramakrishna nagar circle, from when it started going uphill, all the way till the water tank, downhill till Vijaya Bank, then up again till the lake, the up and down nature had taken away all the stamina i had, By the time i reached Hunsur Road, i was running slower than before and only a little faster than a walk. I was near to hitting "The Wall" on Kantaraj Urs road, but recovered after someone was kind enough to lend some glucose. Finished the whole thing in one hour and nine mins approx and in 35th place.

The second run in SJE college of engineering, was a different route, again using some parts from the route of the previous run.

This run was fine too, with very little problems, the usual one being lack on glucose half way through the run, so i had to struggle till my body could switch over to the slower burning fat. Then it was fine all the way. Did the whole thing in 47 mins approx, finishing 19th or so. Sadly, nobody kept time after the first 8 people reached the finish, so we were all left asking each other for timing and positions!
Anyway, nice preperation for the Sunfeast 10Km coming up at the end of May! Hope to keep it going and to get the timing better and better! the aim is to complete 10km in the early 40min zone. It still depends on how well i can practice this month. One month in counting! Till next time! Keep running! and, Peace!