Saturday, February 14, 2009

a wish!

happy valentine's day! make love, not war... so f**k all sene & don't waste clothes! its better on a woman than on mutalik! ;) rock on! peace!!

p.s. i'm totally exhausted, coming back from a wonderful air show, standing in a bus, feet screaming, eyes burning, nostrils now turned to ores of silica.. blogging from my mobile to avoid falling asleep! more on that later! chao!


  1. ta 3rd picz gr8!!n i get no points since i couldnt guess wat 4th one was :(

  2. Guess you left a reply on the wrong post :P hehe, the fourth pic is one of the numbers which is cast on the cylinder of my bike, there's a long story behind it, the credibility of which I'm yet to figure out!