Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random Pics

1. Looking at the logo, you know what this watch is made for! :) being one of my first purchases, i love it so much that i hardly part with it!

2. A ladybug in me room aaar! bring the harpoons! ;)
3. another ladybug, this on was on top of Nandi hills

4. No points for guessing what this is!
5. Dew drops on a spider web! bet the spider would be cursing like crazy!

6. READ carefully! it's parallal, like parallax!

7. Good old BSNL, this one and the next pic are from the BSNL office which is in the RTTC building, Mysore. Wonder how much longer they're planning to keep a stockpile of old phones!
8. BSNL!!

9. A butterfly! this one was the size of my palm and relucatant to move even though i approached it to take a photo! a nice design!
10. It was almost like it was holding its wings out for the whole world to see and admire! like how you show off a new pair of shoes, or a haircut! dude, check out my new wings, aren't they something! :P

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