Friday, June 6, 2008

Websites worth having a look at

These aren't really organized in any manner. I've just put it in text in the order I could recollect them. Go through this post till the last link to make sure you didn't miss out on anything just cause you left when you came across something you didn't like in between.

This is an organization which is aimed at as they say "publisher of books and educational materials that help people take the lead in their own health care and organize to improve health conditions in their communities."
A Twenty minute video of one of the most important stuff affecting the environment. A really classy website which does not use so much of the technical jargon that is used by the very overly hyped climate activist Al Gore's 'An inconvenient truth'. Which sorta brings me to the next website I want you to read.
This is an article called 'Climate Porn'. As the name says it gives the impact the present media is creating on the common man by using catastrophic words to describe pollution and it's effects on the planet and thus making the common man feel that he has nothing in his hands when it comes to the topic of saving the environment by his individual efforts. There is a podcast of the same topic, people with iTunes can download it for free and listen to it.
The Dundee Satellite Receiving Station, register here for free to have a look at geostationary images of the earth taken through a satellite, available in three different modes, Visible, Infrared and Water Vapour
A motorcycle repair course to learn to repair your motorbike from scratch. This guy has some knowledge and is really useful to learn and "think" about improving motorcycles, not just repairing them. I'm pointing to this particular page as there are a few things which're not needed on this site so I'm just feeding you people just the stuff which is useful
Another one from the technical series on bikes. Goes into details of the carburetor, if you can understand this, you can stop going to the local mechanic to get a tune for your bike every month.
There has been a recent revelation in all of us about the role played by the carburetor in improving the performance of a motorcycle. The argument, analysis and the following research gave out these important articles as a result. There is a small confusion in this particular article though, it says that the mixture screw has an effect right from zero throttle to full wide-open throttle. Left to your discretion.
The history of perhaps one of the oldest and purest forms of motor sport. Rallying. This site gives you a consolidated history of the cars, the sport, the names and the technology of the machines. It makes a nice read for any hardcore rally fan and sometimes is truly inspirational.
If you're planning to buy a camera and don't know which one is good? or how to even decide which one is good, then this is the place, it is the ultimate in technical info about cameras and recently lenses. Everything from sample images to comparison charts, graphs, exploded views and in-depth reviews, you can find it here.
Got an SLR which your uncle was using? Bought a camera with a lot of bells and whistles but still using it in auto mode? then this site will help you understand the basics of manual photography, may it be film or digital, automatic or manual, the tips offered here will come in handy and result in near perfect images.

A nice blog to explain how some people, including me, feel about working from home and whether it is the next thing to do in all companies to decongest traffic and make it easier for people to maximize productivity.

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