Thursday, March 27, 2008

My recent heartbreak

The recent developments in my life have not been the least comforting, to be blunt. I was taught a quick lesson - who's boss - when a long anticipated trip was cancelled just because mother nature acted cranky. It was a trip which was planned almost to perfection for more than two months, involving seven people out of which no two persons could ever meet face to face except for the weekends, it was an expedition which involved finding the comfortable spot on the calendar to accommodate four days of travel without the office guys having to blow their fuses over us. The mouth-watering prospect of riding a bike for more than a thousand kilometers over four days along mid-interior and coastal Karnataka was a little too must to resist for me, I was one immediately into planning and also started simultaneously preparing my bike and myself to make it through the ride in the best condition. The bike was given a complete overhaul, serviced and tuned to perfection, it was tuned so nicely that I could predict when the exhaust would “pop” as soon as I closed the throttle. I left no stone unturned in my bike, taking care everything is working a hundred percent, suspension, brakes, engine, clutch, you know the whole works. I was prepared with a rucksack, cameras, batteries, tools, a spare tube, food, electrolytes and medicines. But luck wasn't on my side that week, the weather suddenly turned bad with just two days to launch, and it left everybody biting their nails thinking whether the weather will hold up or be against us, and with less than twelve hours to go before start, there was one of the heaviest downpours of the week, knocking out electricity and flooding half the block. It was then that I realised that, at least, my plans were in serious danger and as I expected, I was given a red signal from my parents saying it was too dangerous to ride in the rain and that I should stop with my plans of going. I hesitantly agreed to them. But little did I know that the others would go ahead and do the trip anyway! It was painfully depressing to know that I'll be home while the others would be seeing the beauty of Karnataka, their feet being dampened by the rain although not their spirits. I had to console myself with the fact that I would live on to do the trip some other day when there is all sunshine and clear skies, but that weekend would have to be one for the movies, books, TV and sleep. Not that I wasn't used to that routine before, but that's the point, I didn't want to get used to just books, movies and sleep. But well, it's done, they're back, they enjoyed it. At least they did, although I backed out, I was happy that they went, and was even happier to know that they could do everything we had planned to and not get marooned or disheartened, albeit a little on the wetter side of things. This is life! Never plan, cause mother nature sees everything, and sometimes, she'd rather you stayed home and watched TV, or like in my case, be a sport and start planning again trying to beat her. :)



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