Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Downing's Street

Lately, some history teacher in Italy came up with a theory that people have been sexists from ages because she thinks almost all streets are named after men while very, very few streets are named after women. My first thought was, why would women want to have their names on something which is regularly walked upon? Besides, we in India named the rivers after women, names of houses in India are after women, ships are named after women and tornadoes are named after women. 

On a serious note, the names of the streets were after men probably because back then women stayed home, and if i am doing business with a man named Robert Downing, it is easier for me to name the street he lives as "Downing's street". Harder to forget that way. No?


  1. We have some circles named after women too. (Kittur Rani Chennamma for example.)

    But yeah, the number of female streets and circles are far less compared to the male ones - probably because, as you say, they were not as involved with worldly affairs as homely ones.

  2. @shastry, now that I remember, Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai road (JLB Road) in Mysore. Both of these are warriors and not home women.