Saturday, November 14, 2009

Race 2 Tee

So, Boring Saturday afternoon in Stuttgart, with even the sun on holiday for all of central Europe, a promise of a beautiful weekend by the weather forecast was ruined by mother nature. I, for one missed my weekend run, and stayed home all day long. So, when i was getting bored in the evening, so was Subbu on the port of Goteborg, and we both had no clue what to do to drive away the boredom. The crazier of the two came up with a plan, a race, to make tea, yeah, however stupid sounds, it was actually what was agreed upon! a race to make tea.
The rules were:
on count of 5 we'd go to the kitchen put the kettle on, boil water and put the tea bag. But then it was agreed that since the tea bags are dipped for 2 mins constant by both of us, only the time taken to heat the water, put it in a mug and getting it back to the computer desk is what counts.
So, the race started on the count of 5. How much time we each took is immaterial, but then what's important is that he took about 20 seconds later to to finish it. you know why? duh! you'd be a total idiot if you hadn't guessed it out by now already! a total dork! I'm telling you, if it doesn't flash by the time you reach the end of this sentence, then you shouldn't be reading this, really, because then you'd be too stupid to own a computer! give it back!
oh well, I'll tell you anyway, let me ask, you, can you handle it? the truth? well, don't say i didn't warn you! the reason is so simple, i gave away the clues in the first paragraph of this blog! c'mon! nothing yet?
well anyway, this time for real! Stuttgart is at a elevation of 450M above sea level and Goteborg is a port! nothing yet? doh! well, water boils faster at higher elevations than at sea level! water boils in Goteborg at 99.997 degrees and at Stuttgart at 98.7 degrees. So, the time to bring 250ml of water through 2˚C took 20 seconds :D (Specific heat+latent heat)! C'mon, you didn't know that much? Get back to books! who ever bought you a computer! Dorks!

Kidding! Cheers!

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  1. well figured it out as something related to altitude but couldn't get the specific terms(read specific heat,latent heat) :)