Monday, November 19, 2007


Well, I’d suppose you’d be wondering where I was all this time, well, so just to keep the world informed about happenings in my life, I am going to tell you where I was all this time and what was I up to.
To being with, well, let’s start at the beginning! Somewhere in the late twentieth century……. Sheesh! I guess, that’s way too far back to call the beginning (would prefer the word pre-history, whatever that may mean). I was about to tell you that I was born in the late twentieth century, but I guess it ain’t of much use to anybody including myself (apart from getting a few greeting cards every year and if I’m lucky, a medium sized cake).
The real beginning happened when I was out of home for the first time, I got a job!!! It was a lousy place where my company had set up camp, only because they were getting things free from the government, and unfortunately they had forgotten a fact that they’d planned an oasis but, built a hut and that too 60 km from civilization as you’d know it! And so we had to live at least half way near to that oasis, which sometimes became a royal retreat for us in times of drought, or risk spending more for traveling than the meagerly pocket-money like figures promised to us! So obviously we ended up living somewhere in the slums (nearly) on a highway but ironically wore every imaginable formal attire other then a Tux (for the shocking surprise of fellow slummers), and once at the oasis, the place was so mind-numbingly boring that people were talking to themselves to stop themselves from going insane. Quite understandably, people who hadn’t completely lost their heads came to know sooner or later that these “talking to yourself” episodes have been going on for a long time in history (great people call it an auto biography, glimpses of world history, my experiments with truth, insights of a curious character, Bridget Jones’ diary???? or, in this case captain’s log) and started to write their thoughts down. It was then that technology gave a helping hand, because you see, with an old fashioned, hand written letter, as charming and filled with feeling and emotions it may be, but, you’d have no guarantee it’ll end up with the recipient, or worse, no guarantee that it won’t end up in the hands of the wrong recipient!
This offers one more very useful help, the safety of anonymity, you can pose or proclaim to be whomever you want and only the government or Interpol can take the pains to find out who you really are, the rest of us really don’t have so many resources at hand. And the chances of me being dragged into custody by Scotland Yard is one in two billion (assuming two billion people have access to the internet worldwide out of the six billion on Mother earth), and incidentally, the chances of Mother Earth being hit by an asteroid is just a little weaker than that (you can work out the rest of the math), so, for pessimists, you’ll be arrested by MI 5 the same day the earth will be hit by an asteroid! (Ah! It makes me feel invincible).
I suppose I have deviated greatly from the topic, but these are the factors that I considered before opening up to the world (call me a chicken). Coming back to what I was telling, that brief spell with people on that remote island made this otherwise quiet person into a chatter box! And since then began the quest for knowledge and new opinions, views, subjects and other chatter boxes thereby opening up a maze of a network called friends! And sadly since then, I have lost touch (physically) with almost all of them, but by one way or another, we flock together. And this Captains Log is a summary of the things I would’ve talked with various people on various occasions about various topics; starting from this very conversation which I can relate to one I had with a close friend of mine about a month ago.
Well… here goes! Look forward to more.


  1. qGood one to start off with !! Neatly written, although vague sometimes..

  2. hey nice one.. oasis i do agree wid you... but many good memories to cherish

  3. He he he ...typical gecko material i must say!! keep posting such thing s, and your chances of getting hit by one of us is definitey increasing!!!

  4. i am waiting for more!
    this one conveyed a lot and conveyed nothing!!!
    Expectations are high GK!